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How do I setup my site within Google Webmaster Tools?

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The following steps will enable you to setup your website within Google's Webmaster Tools.  Google's Webmaster Tools provide you with a free and easy way to make your site more Google-friendly.

Follow these steps to setup the Google webmaster tools.

Setup Google Verification Key

  1. Login to the IWB Administration Console
  2. Under Marketing Tools, click on Search Engine Optimization Settings. 
  3. Click the Google Webmaster Tools link in the Related Links section below
  4. In the new window, click the Go to Webmaster Tools link in the upper left hand corner
  5. Login to Google Webmaster Tools (you might have to register for a Google Account)
  6. Click the Add a Site button and  type in your website domain name, example: www.youragencyname.com
  7. Click the Continue button
  8. Click the Alternative methods tab
  9. Click on Add a meta tag to your site’s home page
  10. Copy the characters between CONTENT=' and the closing ' located within the content area of the META name, for the example jGxQDhfuv8577wEQkqnk2xQqbA661W3iZzcIwxzuJno
  11. Back on the IWB SEO Settings Page Window, paste your string into the Google Verification Key text box.
  12. The site will properly format the key to our required specifications.
  13. Click the Update SEO Settings button.
  14. Back on the Google Webmaster Tools page, click the Verify button. (it may take up to 24 hours to be verified)
  15. You are done!

Setup Google Sitemap

  1. Within Google Webmaster Tools…
  2. Click the site that you would like to administer.
  3. Click the Sitemaps tab
  4. Click the Add a Sitemap link
  5. In the Choose Type… drop down box select Add General Web Sitemap
  6. In the text box type google_sitemap.aspx
  7. Click the Add Web Sitemap button
  8. You are done!
Note: You must complete the Google Verification Key Setup prior to setting up the Google Sitemap!


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