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How do I create a Recurring Mailing or Drip Process to customers based on Multiple Filters or Criteria?

Answer / Solution
  1. Login to AgencyBuzz.
  2. Click on the Event button in the Create New section of the toolbar.
  3. Select Business Rule from the Event Category drop down menu.
  4. Give the event a name in the Event Name. Note: This internal name will be used to reference this event within the system and will not be seen by your recipients.
  5. Select the Event Type of Business Rule Event -  Using Multiple Filters
  6. Select Enabled from the Event Status drop down. If you would like to save this item as a Draft you can select Disabled from the drop down.
  7. Move the desired mailing from the right hand box of available mailings to the left hand box by dragging it or using the arrows located between the left and right boxes.
    1. Add multiple mailings by dragging them from the right box to the left box. Add space between each mailing in the campaign by selecting a time length from the dropdown menu located under the right hand box of mailings. Click Add Time to add the delay to the left hand box of your event and drag & drop the delay to meet the needs of your event. Repeat as desired.
  8. Create each filter you wish to add to your list of criteria for a contact to meet in order to receive the event.
    1. Select the Source to specify the piece of data you want to target. Your options include data fields from both Contact and Policy records in AgencyBuzz.
    2. Select the Condition to define how the filter should group the Value from the Source.
    3. Select or type the Value to define the parameter(s) for the filter.
    4. Stack additional sorting criteria by adding more filters using the Add Or and Add And buttons to create the logic of your segmentation
  9. Once finished, click the Save or Save & Close

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