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How do I create a Recurring Mailing or Drip Process to a contact when they return to my website?

Answer / Solution

Event Requirements
• Add the tracking HTML tag to your website by Copying the text from the "Integration - External Website Logging" section of the Integration Tab in your AgencyBuzz Account Settings. Then paste this text into each of the pages of your website just before the ending tag.
• The contact must have previously opened and clicked on an email received from you through your AgencyBuzz account.
• The contact must have previously visited and stayed on your website for a minimum of 5 minutes.

  1. Login to AgencyBuzz.
  2. Click on the Event button in the Create New section of the toolbar.
  3. Select One Time Newsletter or Drip from the Event Category drop down menu.
  4. Give the event a name in the Event Name. Note: This internal name will be used to reference this event within the system and will not be seen by your recipients.
  5. Select the Event Type of Business Rule Event - Web Action - Return to Web Site
  6. Select Standard Mailing in the second dialogue box under Event Type.
  7. Select Pending from the Event Status drop down. If you would like to save this item as a Draft you can select Draft from the drop down.
  8. Move the desired mailing from the right hand box of available mailings to the left hand box by dragging it or using the arrows located between the left and right boxes.
    1. Add multiple mailings by dragging them from the right box to the left box. Add space between each mailing in the campaign by selecting a time length from the dropdown menu located under the right hand box of mailings. Click Add Time to add the delay to the left hand box of your event and drag & drop the delay to meet the needs of your event. Repeat as desired
  9. In the Settings section, type the number of days the contact must revisit your website in order to receive the Event.
  10. Once finished, click the Save or Save & Close

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