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How do I view my AgencyBuzz account balances and add monetary credits for Phone, Text, and Print mailings?

Answer / Solution
  1. From the home screen click the Account Settings button on the Tools section of the top tool bar.
  2. When the window opens, click the Billing button on the Show section of the tool bar.
  3. You can see your current monetary credits under the Balances section:
    1. Current Account Balance - The amount of monetary credits available in your account for text, phone, or print mailings.
    2. Current Monthly Send Balance - The remaining amount of mailings you can send from AgencyBuzz for the current calendar month.
    3. Monthly Send Allowance - The total number of mailings you can send from your AgencyBuzz account each calendar month.
  4. To add funds to your account:Note: Please contact your AgencyBuzz Coordinator after you purchase account credits to ensure the proper processing of your credits.
    1. Select a Payment Type
    2. Select a Funding Amount. Note: There is a $50 minimum purchase for all transactions. (Text messages cost $0.02/each, Phone calls cost $0.10/each, and Print Mailings cost $1.95/each.)
    3. Fill out the remaining information required for your selected payment type.
    4. Click Submit Payment to process your purchase.
    5. Purchased credits should become available in your account within 1-2 business days.

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