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How do I make my website HIPPA and FINRA compliant?

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Everyone is at least somewhat familiar with HIPAA but what is FINRA?


FINRA is the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority which is an organization that regulates member broker firms and exchange markets. In order for a website to be FINRA compliant, they have to meet a certain set of regulations.  What are some of the required regulations to be FINRA/HIPAA compliant? They include:


  • All form submissions must be kept for 3 years.
  • Contact submissions must be kept for 3 years as well.
  • Outbound link notice – When a website visitor leaves a website, they must be notified that they are leaving.
    • This notice will disavow ownership of linked content
    • It will notify that the linked content can change
    • It will notify that the broker does not control the content.
  • You must retain website content for 3 years (we already do this).
  • Email archiving (incurs an additional cost of $4 per email address per month if you host your email with us)


Other than email archiving which is only available if you host your email with us, the option of FINRA/HIPAA compliancy is available on all levels of websites.

To learn more about FINRA and other rules, please read this article by Ashleigh Rothhammer!


FINRA/HIPAA compliancy can be turned on inside of the customer’s admin console under Account Information.


  1. In the Admin Console go to Account Settings and  then click on Account Information.
  2. Go to the section labeled Regulatory Compliance Mode.
  3. Select either None, HIPAA, or FINRA & HIPAA
  4. Click on Update Compliance over to the Right. 

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