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How do I create a new E-Mail based mailing?

Answer / Solution
  1. Login to AgencyBuzz.
  2. Click on the Mailing button in the Create New section of the toolbar.
  3. Select E-Mail Based Mailing from the drop down menu.
    • The new mailing window will open.
  4. Type in the name of mailing into the Name box.  This will be used to reference the mailing in the system.
  5. Select the From for this mailing.
  6. When selecting the From you can choose any user of the system or select Contact’s Primary Point of Contact. 
    •  When selecting Contact’s Agency Contact, the system will send the mailing from the person who is listed as the contact's primary agency contact. Otherwise you can select the user that this mailing will be sent from.
  7. Type in the subject of the mailing into the Subject box. This will be the subject of the email when it is sent to a contact and what your customers will see in their inbox.
  8. At this point you can create a mailing from scratch by using our built in HTML E-Mail Creator.  Alternatively you can select from our built in designs by clicking the Select Design button from the Design section of the Toolbar.

    Using the Built In Designs
    1. From the Select Mailing Design screen you can pick one of our built in designs.  The designs are categorized on the left hand side menu. 
    2. Once you have found the design that you like select the design and click the Select Design button.
    3. You can change the design of your mailing at any time by reselecting the Select Design button

  9. Now that you have selected your design you can populate your email with the message to your customers. Should you need a little help, AgencyBuzz includes built in content that you can use. To view the content library, click the Select Content button from the Design section of the Toolbar.

    Using the Built In Content
    1. From the Select Mailing Content screen you can pick one or more content pieces.  The content is categorized on the left hand side menu. 
    2. Once you have found the content that you like select the content and click the Insert Content button. 
    3. Additionally you can choose where you want to add the content in the drop down window. You can choose from Insert at Cursor, Append to Start of Current Content, Append to End of Current Content,  or Replace Current Content.

  10. Once you have created your design and inserted content, you can preview the Mailing by clicking the Preview Design button.  When you have completed previewing, click the Design View to return to your mailing.
  11. To view the mailing in your email, client click the Send Test button and the mailing will instantly be sent to your mailbox for your review.
  12. Finally, for advanced users you can click the Modify Design button to edit the full template to meet the needs of your agency. Once you have clicked the Modify Design button, you will be unable to change your design using the Select Design feature.
  13. Once finished, click the Save button in Actions section of the toolbar. Alternatively, you can click the Save & Close button to return to the main screen.

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