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Last Update : 2020/07/06
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How do I configure a user in AgencyBuzz?

Answer / Solution
  • From the home screen click the Account Settings button on the Advanced section of the tool bar.
  • When the window opens, click the Users button on the Show section of the tool bar.
  • Provide a First and Last name of the user.
  • Provide the user's Title.
  • Provide the user's Phone Number
  • Provide the user's e-mail address in the Email Login text box.  This will be used as the users login to the system.
  • Provide the user's password. 
  • Set the user's access level.
    • Admin - Full Access to all System Features and API
    • Power User - Full Access to all System Features, No API Access
    • Standard User - No Access to the Account Settings, Access to Create Contacts, Mailings, Events and Lists
    • Limited User - Access to viewing contacts only
    • No Access - No Access to the System, Able to have emails on behalf of/
  • Set the user's Office Location.
  • Click the Add button when finished.
  • Setting the Default User
  • You can set the default user to be used by the system by selecting the user from the Default User dropdown box.  Click Update when finished.  The default user is used when no user is selected when inserting a contact.

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